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How To: EV from Scratch

November 17, 2013

  One question I sometimes get asked is “Why don’t you just build an electric car from scratch?” The short answer is because I don’t know how to build a car from scratch. I’ve never done it before. Besides that, there are also a number of considerations as to expense, safety, insurance and registration, and […]

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Jack Daniels / Boo Hoo!

September 13, 2012

Well, the bad news is that the DIY Hybrid Pickup Truck Project is NOT a finalist in the Jack Daniels Independence project. BUT! The up-side is this project was never dependent on some long-shot of winning some money in a contest. No sir-ee-bob! This project is happening….. It would just be a little easier with […]

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January 22, 2012

Hi Everyone, recently featured me as one of their FEATURED AUTHORS! If you are here from following a link from that article, THANK YOU for swinging on by! I am NOT a web designer, but with blogging sites and templates, even somebody like me can put some information out there. That’s really the main […]

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Electric Motorcycle at the CRAFTSMAN EXPERIENCE

November 23, 2011

This past Friday, I had the great privilege of joining other Instructables authors in Chicago at the CRAFTSMAN EXPERIENCE. The event was part social mixer, part television show, with Instructables authors being interviewed and talking about and showing off their innovative projects. I brought my electric motorcycle down to show off at the event. After […]

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Laser Contest Runner-up

January 24, 2011

While the recent big excitement was winning in the Instructables/Craftsman contest, there was another contest I entered as well, also through Instructables. This contest was sponsored by a laser-cutter company. The Grand Prize being a laser cutter worth about $7000. Well, the final judgement has just been announced…… and I’m a runner up! Looks like […]

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Hybrid a contest FINALIST!

December 29, 2010

Checking back in on the status of the Instructables Craftsman Tools contest, I was pleased to see that the project is a finalist! To be fair, they have 30 finalists, 15 picked by public voting, and 15 picked by the judges. Still, just to be part of that is pretty exciting. I gotta say, I […]

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DIY Hybrid featured on INSTRUCTABLES

December 20, 2010

I just put the information on my do-it-yourself hybrid on The project was almost instantly featured – it shows up on the homepage and is also otherwise highlighted on the site. I also entered it into the contest they have going on sponsored by Craftsman Tools. The grand prize is $5000 worth of tool […]

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