Loop the Lake

IMG_5566 (Above: Electric motorcycle riders Ben Nelson, Tony Helmholdt, and Kraig Schultz)


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LOOP THE LAKE is a do it yourself road rally, which took place in the first half of September, 2015, where electric motorcycles road over 1,200 miles circumnavigating Lake Michigan, without using a single drop of gasoline.

Rider and tinkerer Ben Nelson made the complete journey, joined in sections by other riders, and shot footage for a documentary film, including interviews with some of the most interesting and creative people on both sides of the “Third Coast”, building clean transportation projects and finding out what motivates them to do so.

The route of the trip roughly followed the coast of Lake Michigan, traveling clockwise, hitting public electric vehicle charging stations, camp-grounds, and major cities.

The following links go to blog updates of modifying the electric motorcycle, and then following the trip itself on a day by day basis, and then follow-up from the trip.

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