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November 2013

Mr. Plow vs. the Frozen Tundra

November 27, 2013

   I think I’ve started a new annual tradition…. It involves me, a sled, and steel implements frozen to the ground in my backyard. Today, I finally felt like I was starting to catch back up on my work,  and it was sunny outside. Since we had our first real snow two days ago, it […]

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How To: EV from Scratch

November 17, 2013

  One question I sometimes get asked is “Why don’t you just build an electric car from scratch?” The short answer is because I don’t know how to build a car from scratch. I’ve never done it before. Besides that, there are also a number of considerations as to expense, safety, insurance and registration, and […]

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Book Review: ingenious

November 6, 2013

I just finished reading INGENIOUS, by Jason Fagone. The first thing that I can tell you is that it is NOT a book about the Automotive X-Prize. It’s about motivation; people and what drives them. I’ve heard it said that “All stories are about people.” I’d take that even further and say that technology is […]

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The Lowdown on Getting Jack’d Up

November 3, 2013

Yipes. What a day. Losing my main transportation and getting a ticket to boot! Fortunately, my brother, Wayne, was able to stop over the next morning for us to tackle the repair together. After jacking up the truck (a challenge with the bumper sitting on the ground) we were able to pull off the wheel […]

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Too Damn Low!

November 2, 2013

“Honey, the good news is that I’m not hurt.” No good phone conversation ever starts that way, but I found these words coming out of my mouth while standing on the side of the road on dreary October afternoon. But to get a better sense of this story, we have to start back a few […]

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