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So where do you buy parts for your DIY Electric Car conversion? The easy answer is just to do a web search and mail-order the parts. The following lists and links should get you started.

The Electric Automobile Association has a page of links of all sorts of interesting information on Electric Vehicles. At their page, click EV101 and then EVLINKS

http://maeaa.org/links.html has a great compilation of links, including parts suppliers.

Here’s some supplier links below.

Amazon.com: https://amzn.to/2AAxY7O – Good for supplies and tools – shrink wrap, lugs, crimping tool, etc.

Canadian Electric Vehicles Ltd.:  EV parts and conversions

Cloud Electric: EV parts

eBay: Often has used parts available from multiple sellers.

Electric Vehicles of America, Inc.:  electric vehicle parts

ElectroAutomotive:  electric vehicle parts

Electric Car Parts Company: Batteries, motors, controllers, BMS, also some solar storage

Electric Scooter Parts: EV Scooter parts

EV Components, LLC:  EV parts and supplies

EV Propulsion:  motors, adapter kits, chargers, controllers, battery boxes ect.

EV Source:  Zilla controllers and Manzinta Micro chargers

EVolve Electrics:  …where we provide both the knowledge and EV parts necessary to convert your gas-guzzler into a full electric vehicle.

EVsNorth West:  electric bikes

EVTV Motor Verks: Tesla components, CAN tools

EV West: Lots of parts, High Performance, Videos

Flux Mopeds: Electric Scooter Sales

Grassroots Electric Vehicles:  motors, controllers, and more

Metric Mind:  Siemens AC drive motors and controlers

Nu-Kar Electric Vehicles:  Citicar and Comutacar Parts

SD Scooters:  Electric scooterparts

Sprocket Specialists: Custom sprockets for electric motorcycles

Salvage Yards. Automotive junk yards will now carry parts from crashed commercially built electric cars, including full batteries, J1772 connectors etc. Many junkyards will have forklifts and other power equipment, including their large DC motors, which many people have used for successful EV conversions.
If you are looking for a SPECIFIC automotive part, use http://car-part.com for a national search of U.S. salvage yards.

And, of course, please take a look at the EV Album! It’s a listing of MANY DIY conversions including showing which components were used in the projects. This should give you an idea of which components you might want to use in yours.

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EV c onversion kits

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