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February 2012

Get Out the VOTE!

February 21, 2012

Hi everyone! It’s spring election day in my little part of the world right now, maybe yours too! Can’t say I’ve ever been too thrilled by politicians. My vote didn’t even count in the last several elections! So how can your vote matter? Throw it behind projects that you believe in! For a while now, […]

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200V Electric Snowmobile!

February 20, 2012

Can it be that ALASKA is a hotbed of electric vehicles? I recently mailed a copy of BUILD YOUR OWN ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE there, and just today, I found that an Alaskan has been working with one of the other Open ReVolt collaborators on getting an open source controller running for his snowmobile! It makes sense […]

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Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle on INSTRUCTABLES!

February 13, 2012 Well, right now is “the big push”. I’ve slowly been trying to get more information out there, teaching people how to build their own electric motorcycle. But it never seems like anything gets done until there’s a deadline or some other reason to really put in the work. Recently, Instructables has posted some pretty […]

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Open ReVolt Pre-Charge

February 12, 2012

Fellow Open ReVolt project collaborator Adam just posted this video! One little feature about motor controllers that often baffles electric motor newbies is rigging up a way to do the pre-charge. Well, fear no more! Pre-charge is now a built-in feature in the latest version of the controller! This is really slick. I was very […]

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Timing Traffic Lights

February 3, 2012

Just recently, I was reminded of an video I shot a couple summers ago. It’s on “Timing Traffic Lights”. If you’ve never heard of the technique, don’t worry it’s simple and only takes a minute to learn. What I think is really great about it is that it is a TECHNIQUE rather than a “Feature.” […]

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