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April 2013

i-MIEV: Charging Lithium

April 30, 2013

Since I got the rest of the lithium cells out of the Mitsubishi battery pack, it gives me a chance to start charging and testing them. Of course, I have to pound some juice in there first! The main problem I’m running into so far is that the cells are at ZERO volts! They are […]

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i-MIEV: Stripping Lithium Cells & Gettin’ Soapy

April 29, 2013

This weekend was finally the first nice weekend of spring. Sure, last week it was snowing, this weekend was 65 degrees and sunny, and now we’ll have rain for the next ten days. Well, that’s spring in Wisconsin for you… So, it was time for a little spring cleaning, mostly to make some room so […]

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Earth Day Eco-Cycles

April 25, 2013

Earth Week is always a busy time for me, but in the best possible way! Yesterday, I attended the Milwaukee Area Technical College Green Vehicles Workshop. In the morning was a number of presentations on alternate fuels, emerging technologies, and what’s going on locally in clean transportation. The afternoon featured a display of alternate fuel […]

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The ENERGIZER – DIY Exercise Bike Generator

April 14, 2013

I’ve always been impressed with exercise bike generator displays at renewable energy exhibits. So, a while back, when I saw a classic Schwinn exercise bike at the thrift store, I nabbed it with the plan to make it into an EXERCISE BIKE GENERATOR! Earth Week is only a week away, and since our local eco-group […]

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DIY Electric Porsche

April 9, 2013

A friend of a friend has his Electric Porsche for sale. I met Bob a while back at the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair (MREA) and was impressed at not just what a great engineer he is, but also how he’s a “big-picture” thinker when it comes to ecology and everything else in life. Browsing over […]

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