Hybrid a contest FINALIST!

by Ben N on December 29, 2010

Checking back in on the status of the Instructables Craftsman Tools contest, I was pleased to see that the project is a finalist!

To be fair, they have 30 finalists, 15 picked by public voting, and 15 picked by the judges. Still, just to be part of that is pretty exciting.

I gotta say, I wouldn’t mind winning. I have put a lot of time and work into my clean transportation projects, all at my own expense. Winning a contest like this would be a huge recognition boost for me.

The other really neat thing is the appropriateness of the prize in this contest – TOOLS! Something I didn’t have much of when I started the electric car project. There were many times when it was very difficult to do something on the car that would have been very simple, if only I had the correct tool.

To whoever wins – congratulations.

If I happen to be the lucky one, my Dad is finally going to get that table saw.

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