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July 2010

Leaf vs Volt

July 22, 2010

Recently, CNet did a video “prize-fight” of the Nissan Leaf vs. the Chevy Volt. The review is not particularly in-depth, but on the other hand, they were only running off the specs of the cars, they didn’t have either one to test drive. Overall, the review of each car was pretty fair, including the “Apples […]

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Radios more valuable than electric cars?!

July 9, 2010

Last night, my wife and I drove over to a city park, where they show a movie outdoors on a large, inflatable screen. It’s always a good time, with a big crowd of families in their folding chairs, enjoying the outdoors, and whatever the film happens to be for the evening. After the showing of […]

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PowerWheels Mods continue

July 7, 2010

On Monday, I was over at the Milwaukee Makerspace, where the makers are modifying PowerWheels for competitive racing at the Detriot MakerFair. Looks like the entries are going to be a slightly modified BIG JAKE, a highly modified GRAVEDIGGER, and Tom’s pink trike – a chopper with very little Barbie left to it. We test […]

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