by Ben N on January 22, 2012

My Rocket Grill in the weekly Instructables E-mail.

Hi Everyone,

Instructables.com recently featured me as one of their FEATURED AUTHORS!

If you are here from following a link from that article, THANK YOU for swinging on by!

I am NOT a web designer, but with blogging sites and templates, even somebody like me can put some information out there. That’s really the main thing that I am trying to do – educate, inspire, and get people off their butts and out there DOING something!

If you scroll down on the lower right, you can find a “search bar” and use it to look through this site. If you are generally interested in how to build an affordable EV, you might want to start with video of a presentation I gave at one of the Mother Earth Fairs.

I also have plenty of instructional videos on my YouTube Account and even made instructional DVDs teaching people how to build their own Electric Car and Electric Motorcycle.

You can also hit the SUBSCRIBE button in the upper right corner, so that you stay up to date on the upcoming DIY OPEN SOURCE HYBRID project and the LOOP-THE-LAKE DIY Fuel-Economy competition!

I also have information on DIY eco home-imrovement project at the sister-site blog – EcoProjecteer.

In other upcoming events, I’m going to be on the radio this week – Wednesday, January 25th, on The Organic View. Even if you miss it, I’ll post a link to the recorded pod-cast later.

So, until next time, keep up the good work – learning/building/teaching!


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1 Kirk January 22, 2012 at 10:53 pm


I am still working on mapping, but have been very busy with holidays and school. Congrats on being featured on instructables.


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