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January 2016

Prius 12V Battery Replacement and the Ice Pick

January 24, 2016

I like ice – in a glass with a drink. So, when it was time to replace the 12V battery in our Prius, I wan’t pleased to see it frozen in place, encased in a block of solid ice…. Recently, we’ve had a spell of extra cold weather – multiple days of 0 degrees Fahrenheit, […]

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Electric Car Heater Thermal Imaging

January 17, 2016

Lately, it’s been cold – which has me thinking quite a bit about electric cars and HEAT. I realized that I own a thermal camera, so maybe it was time to go into the world of VISUALIZING heat in an electric car! My Mitsubishi iMiEV is a bit of an oddball when it comes to […]

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Too Cold for EVs?

January 14, 2016

After a strange, warm, “El-Nino” start to the winter, temperatures have suddenly plummeted. Which begs the question – How cold is TOO cold for an EV? I bought my Mitsubishi iMiEV electric car on the day of the first snow-storm of this winter. Other than that, we had unusually warm weather all the way past […]

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LED Headlights

January 8, 2016

Recently, I did a few small LED lighting upgrades to my electric car. Those went well, so I thought I would tackle the big one: Installing LED DRIVING LIGHTS! And I thought it would be easy…. The car has separate bulbs for the low beam, high beam, and parking light. My plan was to upgrade […]

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LED Daytime Running Lights

January 7, 2016

Seeing how nice the LED dome lights work on the Mitsubishi iMiEV electric car, I wanted to tackle converting the rest of the lights to LED. Up next would be the daytime running lights. The Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) are a natural choice, as they are on pretty much all the time that the car […]

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LED Lighting Upgrade!

January 1, 2016

I just got done upgrading the lights on my electric car. Nope, not the headlights, just the dome lights and license plate lights. One of the things that I didn’t care for on this car is that the incandescent light bulbs just feel “old-fashioned”! For some time now, cars have been going towards HID and […]

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