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A visit from Benswing Rich – Electric Biker

June 27, 2016

About the only thing as much fun as a long-distance trip on an electric motorcycle is a friend stopping by who is ON a long-distance trip on an electric motorcycle! On Tuesday, I was fresh back from the MREA Energy Fair when Ben “Benswing” Rich stopped by my house. He’s out on tour this summer […]

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MREA Energy Fair 2016

June 27, 2016

I had a blast at the MREA Energy Fair! In case you aren’t familiar with it. The Energy Fair is an event for renewable energy and sustainable living hosted by the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, in Custer, Wisconsin, on the weekend closest to the summer solstice. It’s one of the largest events of its kind […]

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Loop The Lake Official Route and Timeline!

August 18, 2015

  It’s official, I have a route. After a number of range tests, I’ve decided that 150 miles per day is what is going to work for this trip. The longest I’ve traveled on the Vectrix so far on a single continuous charge is 75 miles. Traveling at faster speeds, about 60 miles is what […]

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The DIY J1772 Charging Adapter

March 31, 2015

Not long after I purchased the Vectrix, I started wondering “If it’s an international vehicle, what would it take to charge on 240V (instead of 120V) and from a public J1772 Level 2 EV charging station?”. Everything I had heard lead me to believe that the charger on the bike is much like a modern […]

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Vectrix Repair Work Continues

December 17, 2014

Last week, I had some time available to work on the Vectrix. It was an hour or so at a time over a number of days, and frankly, I’ve been more excited about the vehicle than actually blogging about it, so here’s a whole bunch of an update all at once! The first step was […]

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Motorcycle NiMH battery pack upgrade –

October 29, 2014

Two weeks ago, I got started on my electric motorcycle battery pack upgrade by tearing apart a Ford Escape Hybrid battery pack. After that, I was trying to figure out the best way to repack the cells into a size and shape appropriate for the motorcycle. Since I already had the original black plastic battery […]

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Harley-Davidson Project LiveWire Electric Motorcycle Reveal

June 27, 2014

  Last Thursday, Harley put out a press-release saying that they have an electric motorcycle. This launched EV Cycles from the niche market into the mainstream. All weekend at the MREA Energy Fair, a friend and I were showing off our home-built electric motorcycles, and the news about Harley was all everyone was talking about. […]

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Brammo Empulse Review

October 1, 2013

Yesterday, I had a chance to test-ride a Brammo Empulse. This commercially available electric motorcycle is high-performance, boasting up to 100-mile range per charge and over 100 MPH top speed. This past Saturday was the National Plug-In Day, promoting all types of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. This cycle was in my area as part […]

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Electric Motorcycle at the CRAFTSMAN EXPERIENCE

November 23, 2011

This past Friday, I had the great privilege of joining other Instructables authors in Chicago at the CRAFTSMAN EXPERIENCE. The event was part social mixer, part television show, with Instructables authors being interviewed and talking about and showing off their innovative projects. I brought my electric motorcycle down to show off at the event. After […]

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