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Wheelie Poppin’ Tractor for Junk Parade!

September 2, 2019

This year, I made it. I got my overpowered piece of junk electric tractor into The World’s Greatest Junk Parade! Last year, I took this old GE Elec-Trak frame and added a forklift motor and 6 Nissan Leaf Cell Modules. The driveline was a little complicated, and I didn’t get it working in time for […]

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Elec-Trak Rat Rod?

August 16, 2018

So, this 1970’s lawn tractor is going to get a WAY TOO BIG electric motor and go for a ride in The World’s Greatest Junk Parade!

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Handi-capable Solar Mower

May 6, 2018

Spring is here, and it’s time for yard work! Unfortunately, I was rather badly hurt some weeks back, including a broken wrist and multiple fractures to the leg. How was I going to do something like mow my lawn!? Fortunately, my lawn tractor is actually pretty handi-capable! To start with, the mower uses exclusively HAND […]

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E15 Mower Deck Rebuild

May 22, 2014

Spring is in the air, which means that the grass is really starting to grow and I need a way to mow it. Last summer, I acquired an Elec-Trak E15. It even came with a plow! Unfortunately, one of the three mowing deck blade motors was completely seized up, and the other two had a […]

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Mr. Plow vs. the Frozen Tundra

November 27, 2013

   I think I’ve started a new annual tradition…. It involves me, a sled, and steel implements frozen to the ground in my backyard. Today, I finally felt like I was starting to catch back up on my work,  and it was sunny outside. Since we had our first real snow two days ago, it […]

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E15 Motor Rebuild

July 7, 2013

After looking over the Elec-Trak E15, I saw that one of the blade motors didn’t spin very freely. I went about removing the motor from the deck to see about opening it up, finding out the problem, and rebuilding as needed. Unfortunately, I got stuck on NOT being able to remove the hub that the […]

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June 26, 2013

 While I was away this past weekend at the MREA Energy Fair, what was REALLY exciting was getting a phone call from a friend who WASN’T there. Instead, he was at a motorcycle swap-meet where he saw an original Elec-Trak E-15 electric lawn tractor for sale! He right away thought of me and gave a […]

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ElecTrak gets new rims!

April 28, 2010

More work done on the tractor! Turns out I am NOT using those hub adapters. They would have still needed modification to use anyways. The one set of rims was the right size, except that it was for a 3/4 drive shaft instead of a 1″. My friend Rich has a BIG lathe, that he […]

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Fixing up a classic NO GAS lawn mower

April 1, 2010

Last summer, I got the chance to purchase a GE Elec-Trak – a 1970’s vintage battery-electric riding lawn mower. We have had some nice spring weather the last few days, so I took the opportunity to do a little work fixing up the mower. I am repainting it as I can, scraping and grinding the […]

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