Starting an Electric Car Course, Curriculum, and Workbook

by Ben N on March 11, 2013

For some time, I’ve been producing training instructional DVDs to show how ANYONE can build their own electric car or motorcycle.

I love getting e-mails from people with a note and a photo saying “Thanks for your videos, look what I built using that info!”

But frankly, it’s not enough. We need to get entire schools going teaching students about clean transportation, renewable energy, and showing how they can do anything they put their mind to!

I’ve already donated quite a few copies of the BUILD YOUR OWN ELECTRIC CAR and BUILD YOUR OWN ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE instructional DVDs to High Schools, Colleges, and Tech Schools. However, without additional curriculum, workbooks, and other materials, it’s a bit difficult for a teacher to really get a good class or extra-curricular started at their school.

So, my idea is to create a text-book style work-book and course outline so that any shop or science teacher can easily start a course at their school. The workbook would be a companion to the instructional DVD, and be divided into chapters with vocabulary, activities, and chapter review quizzes. The workbook could be made available as both an e-book AND a paper workbook that students could keep, write notes in, and review for future reference. It would also be great as a companion guide to individuals who want to build their own electric car who already have the instructional video.

I know quite a few teachers and other people in education, who could help me to make sure the material meets all the specific needs of academic institutions.

At this point, I think that perhaps a KICKSTARTER campaign for the project might work well. I’d want to raise a relatively modest amount of money, maybe $500, to pay for creating a transcription of the video, work to put together the book, and a first round of printing. Any money raised above the goal could go towards donating Electric Car Class materials to schools and colleges. I could have copies of my instructional DVDs as premiums for those who donate to the Kickstarter campaign.

What are your thoughts? Do you have some other ideas about the best way to start getting not just a few, but hundreds of people at a time learning about clean transportation? Please let me know! If you already want to help contribute to making this happen, you can do so by clicking DONATE!

Thanks for your help,


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1 Marguerita March 25, 2013 at 11:54 am

Hi Ben,

I bought both your DVD’s and I’m pretty passionate about electric cars too, although I have yet to build/convert one. I write and publish books and I have all the right (expensive) software for doing it. I’d love to help you on this project because I think it’s awesome! I can help with book design, layout, printing and conversion to ebook. It’s easier for me to share my time and efforts than money, but if you already have someone for design & layout, let me know and I’ll try and fund your kickstarter.

2 Anjaneyulu Buchanna November 9, 2018 at 2:53 pm

Hi Ben.
I Want to purchase DVD and other stuff from you. How can i reach you and can i pay through pay pal please.

3 admin November 10, 2018 at 8:01 am

The last production run of DVDs was sold out. What items we still sell are available (and can be purchased with PayPal) at
The video content of the Build Your Own Electric Car DVD is available in fun on Youtube at:

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