THE ORGANIC VIEW talks about DIY Electric Cars.

by Ben N on January 25, 2012


Right now, I’m pretty excited to be a guest just a little later today on THE ORGANIC VIEW. I met the host a while back at the Mother Earth Fair, and we had a good long chat.

If you are looking at this web page right now because of that program, thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to search this blog or rummage about for whatever your interest in DIY clean transportation. I also have some projects shown off on the sister blog – EcoProjecteer.

If you didn’t get a chance to hear the show, here’s a link for you.

(Post Show)

A couple things I mentioned during the show. – a great web forum for anyone wanting to get better fuel economy in the car they already drive. Also a good “Fossil-Fuel Free” section where I originally posted all the info on building my electric car. Also home of the Forkenswift, a very inexpensive home EV conversion. – A good all-purpose source of information on converting a car to electric.

Great listing of home-converted electric cars can be seen at:

As a special thank you I’m giving a discount to the audience of the show. We are doing $10 off the cost of the BUILD YOUR OWN ELECTRIC CAR instructional DVD. To get that deal, click HERE and then type in the secret password that I say during the show. Hurry, as we are only going to have this deal available for a few days.

You can see all my YouTube videos at:

Find me on Facebook at:

I’m on at:

By the way, here’s the photo that ended up on the front page of what seemed like every newspaper in the county.
It was cropped in such a way to make my head look even larger and more comical.

Here’s the heater I use in the car in the winter, along with a heated steering wheel. It’s pretty nice to hop into the car with it already being toasty warm.

And here’s just a plain view of the car – my 1996 Geo Metro, home converted to electric for $1300 total.

Thanks for listening to the show! I hope you enjoyed it!

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