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SuperTruck: Bringing home the Flat Foam Cover

January 13, 2013

A few weeks back, I took the foam flat cover over to my parent’s house, as my Dad has a workshop on the back of the garage with some insulation and  heat to it. It’s nearly impossible for fiberglass epoxy to set in my garage at sub-zero temperatures, so I asked if I could work […]

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Scavenger Hunt: Magnets and More

December 4, 2012

  Yesterday, I had a chance to run some errands, including picking up some components for my fiberglass over foam tonneau cover. The first stop was swinging over to visit Tom, to get some hard-drive magnets. I stopped by the computer recyclery and got a fist-full of the finger pinchers. Thankfully, most of them were […]

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SuperTruck: Four-Way Foam Cover

December 2, 2012

  I did a little more work today on my experimental flat foam pickup truck cover. I had originally left the front (the cab end) a little long. I used my hand-saw to cut that end flush with the end of the bed. I pointed the saw right down the slot between the bed and […]

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SuperTruck: Flat Foam Bed Cover

November 25, 2012

Lately, I was getting a bit down on myself for not having more already accomplished on my Open Source Hybrid Truck project. When my friend, Tim, was over the other day, he actually reminded me how excited HE was about the project and that I need to keep working on it and keep blogging about […]

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Things I know nothing about… Fiberglass!

November 21, 2012

What do I know about fiberglass? Well, next to nothing. I even called a few people I know that I figured must have done some fiberglass work before. And they hadn’t. I’d love to learn a bit about fiberglass. It’s a durable material, and I’ve seen so many cool things done with it, yet I […]

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