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VECTRIX – Assemble!

February 28, 2015

Today, I spent the afternoon putting the Vectrix electric motorcycle back together. After originally taking it apart, manually charging the batteries, connecting them with jumper-cables, and finally getting the cycle to communicate with a computer, it was time to put it all back together. I started by removing the jumper cables that I used as […]

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Vextrix Electric Maxi-scooter!

December 2, 2014

A few weeks ago, I got a lead on somebody selling a Vectrix electric scooter. I had heard of them before, but didn’t know the details, so I looked them up on the web. A Vectrix is a scooter-styled electric motorcycle. Think of it as the EV version of a Honda Reflex. It does require […]

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January 27, 2014

Here in the Midwest, it seems like we’re the LAST to get EVs. That’s one of many reasons that I was excited to see FLUX MOPEDS, an EV start-up in Madison, Wisconsin. Flux was founded by two smart guys who saw the need for some simple and clean local transportation. The Flux scooter is designed […]

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Earth Day Eco-Cycles

April 25, 2013

Earth Week is always a busy time for me, but in the best possible way! Yesterday, I attended the Milwaukee Area Technical College Green Vehicles Workshop. In the morning was a number of presentations on alternate fuels, emerging technologies, and what’s going on locally in clean transportation. The afternoon featured a display of alternate fuel […]

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Electric ATV

July 11, 2012

Just yesterday, I announced how I want to give away 100 copies of DIY Electric Vehicle instructional DVDs to “seed” programs for schools. Already, I have gotten a number of requests for videos that I have mailed out. With one of them was a message saying “Look what we have already done” and a link […]

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EV Motorcycle acceleration test

October 8, 2011

Of the questions I get about my motorcycle, “What’s your 0-60?” is the one I just can’t answer. You see, I never even DESIGNED the cycle to go 60 miles an hour. I’m less then two miles outside the city, where it’s ALL 25 mph zones. Still, it seems like “performance” numbers are what people […]

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EV Cycle – Hacking the Tank

May 22, 2011

Yesterday, most of my work on the electric motorcycle conversion revolved around the gas tank. Of course an electric motorcycle really doesn’t need a gas tank, but it looks so much better with one. In the end, the gas tank is really only going to be a cover. I already chopped the bottom off the […]

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Chris’ EV Cycle update

October 17, 2010

A while back, our friend Chris started an electric motorcycle conversion. His only experience prior to that was owning a 49cc gas scooter. So, he’s been learning as he goes about motorcycles, batteries and motors, and electronics. He’s been pretty busy as a college student, so lately there haven’t been too many updates on his […]

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Chris’ EV Cycle comes home

May 28, 2010

After a long day at Autocross, I helped my friend Chris bring home his electric motorcycle. He had it at an art metals class, where students used the cycle as a project for designing real-world motorcycle parts. In this case they sculpted a metal body for the bike. My favorite way to move an EV […]

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Chris’ Open ReVolt motor test

March 21, 2010

Chris has been real busy the last few days finishing off his ReVolt Open Source EV Motor Controller. He had a few concerns about hooking everything up right and trying it out. I suggested he simply hook it up to any small motor to play with it and make sure all works as advertised. Sure […]

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