EV Motorcycle acceleration test

by Ben N on October 8, 2011

Of the questions I get about my motorcycle, “What’s your 0-60?” is the one I just can’t answer.

You see, I never even DESIGNED the cycle to go 60 miles an hour. I’m less then two miles outside the city, where it’s ALL 25 mph zones.

Still, it seems like “performance” numbers are what people are interested in, so I put a video camera on the handle bars of my cycle so you can see how it accelerates. I even taped a stopwatch in place as a time reference. Please note that the watch is already running for a bit before I hit the accelerator. I couldn’t possibly have both hands on the bars, hit the throttle and run a stop watch at the same time!

After doing this, watching the video, and thinking about it, I learned a few things.

The cycle accelerates just fine… I have NEVER not pulled out into traffic because I thought it didn’t accelerate fast enough.

In the “sweet spot” of acceleration, you feel it. It’s not a ton, it’s no Tesla, but it does give just enough of the sense of accelerating to be fun to ride.

And it does all that without using a drop of gasoline. And no engine noise. And doesn’t even have any mufflers. In short – it’s fun to ride and works well.

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1 Bucur October 10, 2011 at 7:08 am

Hi! Your bike looks great! I don’t know if I missed another of your posts, but I want to know what is the range of your bike and maximum speed?

2 admin October 10, 2011 at 9:07 am

The cycle is geared for 45mph (as I live right outside town, where it’s all 25 mph zones.)
The cycle will go 20 to 30 miles per charge. Real-world actual riding tests gave me 22miles minimum, 31 maximum.

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