by Ben N on January 27, 2014

Here in the Midwest, it seems like we’re the LAST to get EVs. That’s one of many reasons that I was excited to see FLUX MOPEDS, an EV start-up in Madison, Wisconsin.

Flux was founded by two smart guys who saw the need for some simple and clean local transportation. The Flux scooter is designed for urban areas, and has essentially the same specs (top speed, no need for motorcycle license, same parking limitations) as a gas 50cc scooter, although acceleration is better, it’s much quieter, and best of all, no gasoline is involved.

Madison is not only the capitol of Wisconsin, but also a big college town, with a large student population, nearly all of who live in a dorm, an apartment, or some other place without a garage or off-street parking. Not only can the Flux moped  charge from a standard wall outlet, the battery pack is REMOVABLE, so it’s easy to carry into an apartment for indoor charging.

I got to test ride a Flux moped before winter hit, and I have to say that it’s very likable. It behaves exactly the way you think it should – twist the throttle and go. There’s no learning curve, engine vibration, or blue smoke.

The price is good too. Retail is just under $2K. That’s almost exactly what I spent building my own electric motorcycle. With the Flux, you can just buy one and go, instead of spending an entire summer trying to build something yourself. Besides, that, they are also encouraging winter purchases with a sale right now, with a brand-new scooter going for only $1799.

I shot a video interview with one of the founders, and still need to edit it up. Look for that soon. In the mean time, check out their official product video, and visit them at:

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1 Angelo February 10, 2014 at 1:23 pm

In the State of New Jersey you will need a motorcycle license for this. They require a motorcycle license if over 750 watts and over 20mph otherwise you would need a moped license if under 16 and a drivers license if over.

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