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DIY Tonneau Cover works great, still ugly

March 8, 2013

Sometimes the lessons you learn are what NOT to do. In working on my DIY Fiberglass Over F0am pickup truck tonneau cover, I learned that I’m not particularly good at fiberglass, nor do I like working with it. This winter, I was doing some work recycling some existing white polystyrene foam into a flat cover […]

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SuperTruck: Bringing home the Flat Foam Cover

January 13, 2013

A few weeks back, I took the foam flat cover over to my parent’s house, as my Dad has a workshop on the back of the garage with some insulation and  heat to it. It’s nearly impossible for fiberglass epoxy to set in my garage at sub-zero temperatures, so I asked if I could work […]

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SuperTruck: Four-Way Foam Cover

December 2, 2012

  I did a little more work today on my experimental flat foam pickup truck cover. I had originally left the front (the cab end) a little long. I used my hand-saw to cut that end flush with the end of the bed. I pointed the saw right down the slot between the bed and […]

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