400 Watt Solar-Charger

by Ben N on September 7, 2013

Besides chipping away on the DIY Hybrid Truck lately, I’ve also been busy working on a solar charging system for the Electric Motorcycle and the Citicar.

This summer, I attended the MREA, and was able to borrow a 48V solar panel to charge the cycle while there. I used a disconnect and charge controller I already had and IT WORKED GREAT!

That lead me to buying one of the panels, but I really had no place to put it! I also wanted to build a swing-set for my three-year old girl, but that would have occupied the same valuable solar space.

Wait a minute! Why not COMBINE THE TWO!? So, I started work on a children’s play-set and having it double as a the ground mount for a solar panel system.

Here’s a quick overview.

For a full write-up on the project, please visit: http://www.instructables.com/id/Solar-Swing-Set-PV-Playhouse/

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