The Hybrid is ALIVE!

by Ben N on December 15, 2010

Today was pretty exciting!

Yesterday, I was terribly frustrated with the DIY Plug-In Hybrid project. I was having issues with the generator, and couldn’t get it to run on any of the THREE propane tanks I had.

Today, I got a fresh start. I tinkered a bit and was able to run the generator on one of the small “BBQ-style” tanks. I was pretty excited when I successfully bench-tested the charger running off the generator.

Of course the next thing to do is to try it all out in the car – put a REAL-WORLD LOAD on the charger and generator by driving the car. By then, my time was running short, as I had an event I needed to get off to, so, I loosely mounted everything in the car – friction fit. I then ran the car as a PLUG-IN HYBRID for the very first time ever!

Nope, I wasn’t going fast. I didn’t want anything to jiggle loose! But IT WORKED!

Next, I need to figure how to mount everything down, and need to instal air intake and the exhaust system. There will still need to be more bugs worked out, but in theory AND in a real world test, it’s a success!

Here’s the video.

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