Generator mounting bracket

by Ben N on December 17, 2010

Yesterday, most of the work on the project was to physically mount the generator.

I still had plenty of old bed-frame laying around. Not the easiest material to work with, but the price was right! (FREE!)

I measured the generator and the back area of the car, and then cut the bed frame to size. A cut-off disc in an angle grinder worked really well to cut it. (Drilling holes in the frame was MUCH harder!!!)

(I did have to “trim” the frame a tad with the angle-grinder. The generator is sort of an odd shape, as it has several weird angles and rounded corners.)

Once cut, I welded the frame together. Next is a coat of primer, and then a coat of black Rustoleum.

The genny rack is now ready to get bolted into the car.

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