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The Hybrid is ALIVE!

December 15, 2010

Today was pretty exciting! Yesterday, I was terribly frustrated with the DIY Plug-In Hybrid project. I was having issues with the generator, and couldn’t get it to run on any of the THREE propane tanks I had. Today, I got a fresh start. I tinkered a bit and was able to run the generator on […]

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EV Autocrossing

May 25, 2010

Hey Everyone, This weekend, I was invited by some new friends to come out to an “Auto-Cross” event. I really wasn’t familiar at all with Autocross, but it sounded interesting. Basically, it’s racing a car (just about any car, doesn’t have to be fancy!) around a track made of cones. Racing is based on time, […]

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Electro-Metro Tablet update

April 18, 2010

Lately, I have been playing with a tablet PC provided to my by my friend Tom. A while back, I mentioned to him how a small computer display would be really handy. So, of course, he dug up an entire computer built around a 800×600 pixel touch-screen display. So far, the main plan was to […]

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