Radios more valuable than electric cars?!

by Ben N on July 9, 2010

Last night, my wife and I drove over to a city park, where they show a movie outdoors on a large, inflatable screen.

It’s always a good time, with a big crowd of families in their folding chairs, enjoying the outdoors, and whatever the film happens to be for the evening.

After the showing of THE FROG PRINCE, we walked back to the car, put our chairs and coolers in the trunk, and hopped inside.

“That’s odd, I don’t remember removing my radio lately..” I thought to myself. Sure enough, the radio was gone.

In my homebuilt electric car, almost everything is used or salvaged. One of the few items in the car that isn’t is (WAS!) the car stereo – the cheapest one I could find at Wal-Mart with a digital tuner.

Fortunately, the window wasn’t broken, and nothing else was taken. The thief even disconnected the stereo at the wire harness, rather than cutting it. How considerate. If I can still find the same radio for sale, installation will be a snap – just plug it back in!

I called the police, and then stopped by the station today and had a report filled out.

So, there you have it, apparently the RADIO is the most valuable part of the car.

I would have liked to have seen someone try to steal that car – the clutch pedal is the main power disconnect!

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