Leaf vs Volt

by Ben N on July 22, 2010

Recently, CNet did a video “prize-fight” of the Nissan Leaf vs. the Chevy Volt.

The review is not particularly in-depth, but on the other hand, they were only running off the specs of the cars, they didn’t have either one to test drive. Overall, the review of each car was pretty fair, including the “Apples to Oranges” comparison about measuring fuel economy between the two vehicles.

The first “round” of the competition was pretty traditional – Looks. But after that, two of the other rounds included “Range and Strandability” and “Connectivity”. Have ANY cars had to be compared to each other before in those catagories!?!?!

You know who the real winner is going to be? Car buyers. Finally, people will be able to buy a “real” electric car from a big name motor company. Personally, I am liking the Leaf a lot right now. The simplicity of the electric only system and the lower cost are both appealing.

We’ll still have to wait to see how the cars really sell. I know several people already on the Leaf waiting list, and they are itching to try it out!

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