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Test-Driving the Tesla S

September 27, 2013

Wooooo-Hoooo! The Tesla S is a BLAST to drive! So how did I weasel my way into a test-drive? I had already seen the e-mail that there were going to be Tesla test drives in my area, but I dismissed it, knowing that I wouldn’t be available at those times. However, I got an e-mail […]

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Nissan Leaf, interview with product specialist

August 30, 2011

While I was at the Nissan Leaf test drive, I had the chance to speak to one of their “Product Specialists”. These are the folks who really know the details of the car. So, I grabbed the camera, and shot a quick interview, asking a few questions about the car we don’t usually hear about. […]

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VIDEO: Nissan Leaf Test Drive

August 28, 2011

You’ve been waiting for it, and here it is! The VIDEO of me test driving the Leaf. Enjoy watching it, and please leave a comment with any questions you have on the car or test drive. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Buzz it up Share on Linkedin Share via MySpace share […]

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Nissan Test Drive – Chicago

August 27, 2011

Yesterday, I hit the road to Chicago! It’s a bit of a trip, as it’s roughly two and a half hours travel – when NOT in heavy traffic. Throw in our typical summer road construction, and it’s a bit of a drive. I took the NON-tollway route that takes me right past miles of car […]

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