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Chevy Volt Dent Repair

January 3, 2020

After installing the new doors on the Volt, it was road-worthy, but I still didn’t like the dent in the back fender. There were a few dings above the rear door as well. So, I set to work to figure out how to pull out the dents. I had already played around a bit with […]

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Fixing a Crashed Chevy Volt

December 28, 2019

I just purchased a Chevy Volt!While I’m excited about that, the only reason I got it was because it was cheap. And it was cheap because it needed a bunch of work… Not long ago, an acquaintance of mine was driving his 2012 Chevy Volt when a deer hit him. (No, he didn’t hit the […]

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Fixing Prius Mouse Damage

October 1, 2018

Well, it was a lot of work, but it’s done. I’ve repaired all the mouse damage in our 2004 Prius, and it’s working perfectly again! After our last post, I looked around for a replacement wire harness, and found one on eBay, but with a number of other components in a Prius pack and at […]

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There’s a WHAT in the Prius?!?

September 21, 2018

The other day, our 2004 Prius quit working. When I opened up the battery pack to find the problem, I couldn’t believe what I found inside. It certainly wasn’t what I was expecting! My wife had left the driveway and then pulled back in less than a minute later, traded cars, and left again. She […]

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Vectrix FINALLY Works!

March 2, 2015

Yesterday, after filming the TRANSPORT EVOLVED episode, I headed back over to my Dad’s garage to work on the Vectrix. Unlike the day before, I had my CANBUS adapter with, so I could connect the cycle to the computer. One nice thing was that I let the cycle charge overnight, so I FINALLY had MORE […]

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Vectrix Repair Work Continues

December 17, 2014

Last week, I had some time available to work on the Vectrix. It was an hour or so at a time over a number of days, and frankly, I’ve been more excited about the vehicle than actually blogging about it, so here’s a whole bunch of an update all at once! The first step was […]

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iMIEV – Spinning the Motor & Wheels

July 22, 2014

Last week, I had made a date with my friend Tom G (who you might remember from the AC Dodge Neon project) to come out to my house and show me how to use a variable frequency drive. Tom has lots of experience working with AC motors and owns a few salvaged drives. I had […]

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Electric Tractor Repair

May 19, 2014

It’s been a long Wisconsin winter, but the snow is finally melted and the grass is beginning to grow. So what do you MOW it with? If you are like me, the less gasoline, noise and air pollution, the better! I’ve had a GE Electrak E10 electric lawn tractor for some years now. It’s older […]

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Pot Lid Window Knob

December 30, 2012

My youngest brother, Andrew, who is college age, is back from school for winter break. Seeing as how his college is about a five-hour drive away, he doesn’t exactly make it home every weekend, especially since he doesn’t have his own car. And since he’s a college student, every dime goes to books and classes […]

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ElecTrak gets new rims!

April 28, 2010

More work done on the tractor! Turns out I am NOT using those hub adapters. They would have still needed modification to use anyways. The one set of rims was the right size, except that it was for a 3/4 drive shaft instead of a 1″. My friend Rich has a BIG lathe, that he […]

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