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Politicians, Flowers, and Motorcycles

August 11, 2012

Today is Saturday, and summer Saturday mornings means the Farmers’ Market. While I am not much of a morning person, and was working late last night, once I woke up, I remembered that our friends at Evolution Marketing were going to be showing off their new Nissan Leaf at the market today. So, I thought […]

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Crashing the Electric Motorcycle

June 30, 2012

It was a sunny spring afternoon, when I tested the limits of electric vehicle design, physics, and human flesh…. It’s summer already, and you may not have seen me around the usual web forums as much lately. I definately haven’t been quite as busy working on clean transportation projects. If it feels like I’ve been […]

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Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle on INSTRUCTABLES!

February 13, 2012 Well, right now is “the big push”. I’ve slowly been trying to get more information out there, teaching people how to build their own electric motorcycle. But it never seems like anything gets done until there’s a deadline or some other reason to really put in the work. Recently, Instructables has posted some pretty […]

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Electric Cycles at EV Club Meeting

October 11, 2011

On Sunday, we held a meeting of the Wisconsin Electric Vehicles Association. While we had a good crowd, and a number of electric cars there, my favorite part was the ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLES! I had my KZ440 there and the local electric Harley “Sparkster” was there as well. The crowd favorite however was a pretty fancy […]

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PowerWheels rock Detroit MakerFaire

August 2, 2011

(Please note: there are VIDEOS at end of this posting!) This weekend was the Detroit Maker Faire ! Other members of the Milwaukee MakerSpace and I were out in force to participate in the PowerWheels Racing Series, an event where adults modify, beef-up, soup-up, and compete, driving kids electric cars. This year, the competition was […]

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EV Motorcycle on Television!

July 18, 2011

Yesterday, I drove out to Madison to help out my friend Eric. Eric runs the GREEN DRIVE EXPO, a fantastic annual event focused on clean transportation. (It was originally called Hybridfest, but has expanded to include electric vehicles and so much more, even a fuel-economy competition!) The expo is coming up THIS WEEKEND in Madison, […]

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EV Cycle – Hacking the Tank

May 22, 2011

Yesterday, most of my work on the electric motorcycle conversion revolved around the gas tank. Of course an electric motorcycle really doesn’t need a gas tank, but it looks so much better with one. In the end, the gas tank is really only going to be a cover. I already chopped the bottom off the […]

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Chris’ EV Cycle update

October 17, 2010

A while back, our friend Chris started an electric motorcycle conversion. His only experience prior to that was owning a 49cc gas scooter. So, he’s been learning as he goes about motorcycles, batteries and motors, and electronics. He’s been pretty busy as a college student, so lately there haven’t been too many updates on his […]

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Chris’ EV Cycle comes home

May 28, 2010

After a long day at Autocross, I helped my friend Chris bring home his electric motorcycle. He had it at an art metals class, where students used the cycle as a project for designing real-world motorcycle parts. In this case they sculpted a metal body for the bike. My favorite way to move an EV […]

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