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Garage Update; Nov 9 2016

November 9, 2016

Been working hard lately! Whew, time for an update on the garage! In the time since tearing down the garage, the next step was to get the ugly old maple tree out of there. It’s EXACTLY where the new corner of the larger garage will go, so it needed to come out roots and all! […]

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New Scooter/DIY Battery

November 15, 2015 People are ALWAYS asking me about good deals on electric vehicles or ways to use DIY to get a great price on a build-your-own setup. That’s one reason why I was excited to get a call from Matt at Flux Mopeds. Flux has been doing some great work designing, manufacturing and selling electric scooters. […]

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2 Days to go.

August 31, 2015

I managed to get some more work on the cycle today! After finally finishing off the last few pieces of aluminum, I built a wood framework around the trunk, based on the coroplast piece I had already cut. I was using a very light-weight plywood. It’s sturdy enough to be a shelf, without adding much […]

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The DIY J1772 Charging Adapter

March 31, 2015

Not long after I purchased the Vectrix, I started wondering “If it’s an international vehicle, what would it take to charge on 240V (instead of 120V) and from a public J1772 Level 2 EV charging station?”. Everything I had heard lead me to believe that the charger on the bike is much like a modern […]

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Ice Scooter

February 12, 2014

The last few days, I’ve been working on a little winter transportation project – THE ICE SCOOTER! This project got in my head when I saw a pair of ice skates sitting right next to a Razor brand kick scooter at the thrift store. I couldn’t help but think what a scooter might look like […]

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DIY Polish Electric Motorcycle – No Joke!

December 9, 2013

So, how many Polish guys does it take to make an Electric Motorcycle? Just one, with motivation and the help of a few of his friends. Sorry, no punch-line there, just a really cool project. I got a message from Krzysztof “Chris” Kupiec about how he built an electric motorcycle after seeing a YouTube video of […]

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SuperTruck: Clutch and the Milwaukee Electric Car Club

May 12, 2013

I was down at the Milwaukee Makerspace today, as the second Sunday of the month is Electric Car Club meeting today. It was also Mother’s Day, so I woke up early to make from-scratch waffles for my wife, before sneaking off to play with cars and batteries. Tom L. was there with his Electric El […]

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Flooded Mitsubishi i-MiEV

February 17, 2013

  “You did WHAT?!?!?” “I bought a flood damaged Mitsubishi electric car, sight-unseen, through an on-line auto auction.”  As my wife hurled a cast-iron frying pan towards my face, I was glad that this was only a FICTIONAL conversation that was going on completely inside my head. In truth, she’s actually been very supportive. While […]

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EVs for Africa!

February 4, 2013

While I get orders for my BUILD YOUR OWN ELECTRIC CAR instructional DVDs from all around the world, this one was especially interesting. It was ordered by a Masters degree student at the Science and Technology University in the capitol city of Addis Ababa. He wishes to build an electric car as part of a […]

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DIY Hybrid Pickup Truck

August 13, 2012

For a while, I’ve had an idea rattling around in my head…. A couple years back, I picked up an old Mercedes 240D as a parts car, to use the engine to convert my pickup truck to diesel. I can get 30 MPG in my Chevy S10 on gas, so I figure I should be […]

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