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Solar Ammo Can Disconnect Switch

July 26, 2018

On the original Solar Ammo Can project, I got a few questions about a battery Disconnect Switch. “Don’t we need one?” Well, the answer is NO, but let’s discuss this deeper. Many battery chargers can become a slow drain on a battery if they are left permanently connected, but are NOT powered up. That’s not […]

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Solar Ammo Can

March 2, 2018

With my recent work in solar, quite a few people have started asking me about designing small BATTERY-based solar systems. I thought it would be nice to work on a project demonstrating basic solar battery charging principals, and at the same time, have a handy and useful project when I was done. Thus, the Solar […]

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Yes we CAN! CANBUS communications

February 21, 2015

Yes we CAN! Not just a presidential election slogan, it’s an enthusiastic exclamation of being able to communicate with the Vectrix electric motorcycle to a laptop using the CAN-BUS system. I finally got the two to talk. All it took was buying the correct (over-priced in my opinion…) adapter and correct drivers. I purchased a […]

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