EV Hot Rod

by Ben N on January 24, 2013

Nothing says fun like a hot-rod, and nothing says clean and high-torque like and electric, so it makes sense to put the two together.

I met Mark a while back, who runs a powder-coating company in western Wisconsin, and invited him and his car out to an electric vehicles meeting we were hosting. It was in the winter, so not much fun riding around outside in an open car, but I DO have a YouTube video about his car from a couple years ago when he was in the Hot Rod Power Tour.

What’s interesting about this vehicle is that it’s rear-wheel direct-direct drive, which is really the same as I’m planning for the electric motor in my Hybrid Pickup project.

Check out this video, and you can see more photos and info on the project at Mark’s web page for the car – http://www.lightningelectriccar.com/

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1 E Linda Chavez January 24, 2013 at 2:08 pm

Is there a place that has ev used cars for sale??
Would really like a new one but not in the budget.
Also johns brother jim owns a Citicar. It is his barns needing repair. It looks like a tent

2 Ben N January 24, 2013 at 2:45 pm

Well, yes, if a person can afford it, I highly recommend a Nissan Leaf. As far as used EVs of other makes and models, you CAN find them on eBay. Otherwise http://www.evtradinpost.com/ is a good place to start. A Citicar makes a great little used EV. A “Barn Find” can be a great project. Citicars are easy to work on, and theres a good Facebook and Yahoo Groups for them.

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