VEGAN by mistake!?

by admin on March 7, 2009

So today, I was eating lunch.

I had from scratch black bean soup with garlic, carrot, and celery, which was leftover from last nights dinner.

With it, I also had a big chunk-o-bread. Which was test trial # two of me actually making bread from scratch. This one was a mix of wheat flour and corn meal with a 10-grain crust rub.

While eating it, I was talking to my wife and commenting how there was no butter or oil in the bread, or cheese on the soup.

I had to pause mid-spoon-ful. Wait a minute….
No butter, no cheese, no meat, no honey.

Holy crap! I just cooked VEGAN! (and didn’t even realize it at the time!)

Amazingly the bread did NOT require any butter or honey. The soup really didn’t need any meat or cheese or sour cream.

They both got some really good flavor from (gasp!) their INGREDIENTS!

The better part of the ingredients were Organic. My wife has been buying more and more organics. Besides the lack of pesticides, they actually TASTE better too. My wife seems to notice it more than I do, though.

I have noticed that the food I have been eating lately tends to have a more subtle flavor to it. It doesn’t have to be SOOO sweet or salty, or whatever flavor the commercial food industry is bashing you over the head with.

It simply is what it is.

And that’s a good thing.

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