No More Corn Syrup: Day 10

by admin on March 6, 2009

Today is garbage day. The first garbage day since doing a full week of No More Corn Syrup.

In my kitchen, I have a slide-out built into one of my cabinets. Inside, is two, 13-gallon garbage cans. The front one is for trash, and the rear is for recycling.

When either is full, I take the trash bag out to a large garbage can in my garage. Recycling gets dumped into a big blue bin. On garbage day, I take the trash and recycling outside, add it to the garbage can and blue bin in the garage, and haul those to the curb.

This morning, I grabbed the trash. The bag was only really half-full, but I take it out anyways, so it doesn’t just sit around and get smelly. I pulled out the recycling container and went out to the garage.

Now here’s the weird part. The garbage can in the garage was EMPTY. I had never taken out the trash EVEN ONCE earlier in the week!

The recycling blue bin had some cans and bottles in it, but just a few.

What’s going on here? Did I somehow misplace my trash and recycling? I looked around. Nope. Didn’t find any.

The one trash bag wasn’t even full. What’s going on here?

Here’s my idea. Corn Syrup and High Fructose Corn Syrup are usually in more processed food. More processed food usually has more packaging. Therefore, less corn syrup equals less garbage!

Is it that simple? By getting rid of Junk Food, I’m creating less junk?

In the recycling bin, aluminum soda cans and 2-liter plastic bottles were distinctly missing.

Another thing I have noticed is that some of the Organic products have slightly less packaging than their NON-Organic counterparts.

What have I been eating all week?

Oh – look at the compost bucket. Er, that IS sort of overflowing, isn’t it… Well, guess I gotta take that out. However, that just gets turned into compost, and eventually recycled into tomatoes and cucumbers – all free of corn syrup AND packaging. Plus, I can measure those in Food-Feet, NOT Food-MILES. (See! I knew we would save some gas on this project!)

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