Electric motorcycles still in the news

by admin on November 12, 2008

I was suprised to see that, just the other day, Treehugger had an article on electric motorcycles, which included mine!

A while back, they did a little story on mine, which was pretty much just picked up from the blog article from Benjamin Jones on Ecomodder.
What is interesting about the current article is that it has both my motorcycle, and Russ Gries’ Voltzilla, right along side the Killa-Cycle, Brammo, and Zero-X. 
In fact, the first cycle in the article is a high-end home conversion, using the exact same motor as mine and the 72V version of my controller.
It’s great to see inexpensive home-built electric vehicles held-up side-by-side with electric dragsters and commercially-built vehicles.
In case you haven’t seen it yet, here is the reaction of a neighbor of mine the first time he saw my electric motorcycle:

Here’s the video on Russ’ Voltzilla:

Russ is a great guy. I had the chance to talk to him on the phone a while back. He is far more mechanically inclined than I am. Be sure to check out how he has the transmission and electric reverse hooked up!

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