Meeting the Hybrid Guru

by admin on November 7, 2008

Today, I had a chance to make it over to Jefferson, Wisconsin to see a presentation on alternative fuels from “Hybrid Guru” Chris Schneider.

Chris runs Honda Motorwerks in LaCrosse, WI, is a former board member of the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, and has been a long-time advocate of conservation and renewable energy.

While I have met Chris before, it was great to be able to sit through his entire presentation, which included the ZONE (Zero Oil No Emissions) Video and his typical props, such as 50 tailpipes tips welded together representing scales of pollution.

Oddly enough, at meetings like this one, the audience is often very well informed and every bit as interesting as the presenter.

Much of the presentation was back and forth questions from the audience. Much of that seemed to be about sustainability issues. For example Chris Schneider had the Honda CNG car there. One question was about how even though natural gas is much cleaner than gasoline, it’s still a fossil fuel – how is that sustainable?

The Guru is well-spoken and informed. He kept positive spins on all the various types of alternative fuels, and mentioned how some of them really are stepping stones to getting us to clean-ER fuels, and eventually to totally renewable technologies.

Chris practices what he preaches. He drives a NEV (neighborhood electric vehicle) to and from work, and drives the Natural Gas Honda for long distance trips.

Well worth the trip out to see him.

To learn more about his fine work, please visit the web site.

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