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Solar vs Snow!

January 12, 2019

I love my solar panels, but how much power do they produce when covered with SNOW!? Since we’re now going into our SECOND winter with solar, let’s find out! First off, YES! Solar panels DO make more power when they are cleared of snow! As you can see in the first video, clearing the snow […]

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Snow Rake for Solar Panels

December 11, 2017

A few days ago, we got the first snow storm of the year. Not a big deal, but that was the first snow we had since I installed the solar array on my garage. I found that using a broom, even from a ladder, I could only clear the lowest of the three rows of […]

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Fall Protection

May 10, 2017

Probably my single biggest goal of building my own solar system is simply to NOT FALL OFF MY ROOF! Once I got the first piece of solar racking up, I had a brace which let me get ON the roof. At that point, I realized that the metal roofing is INSANELY slippery and would NOT […]

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Solar Racking Begins!

May 8, 2017

I finally had a chance to start installing the Racking! My package with the S-5! clamps showed up, and I was able to begin the racking during two evenings of this past week. Let’s state two things right off the bat: 1) I am NOT a professional. I do not make a living doing this […]

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Ben’s Garage: Winter Solar Access

December 14, 2016

The rough shell of the garage is now up! We got the roof boards and felt on just before the first major winter storm of the season. Since then, a cold front has moved through. While that DOES drop the temperature (single digits F. right now,) it also means CLEAR skies! It’s cold, but sunny! […]

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Ben’s Garage: Raise the Roof!

December 10, 2016

Today, we put the roof on the garage! Planning was interesting, because the big weather forecast was for a large snowstorm to be coming in. Fortunately, it shouldn’t start until near the end of the day. We weather was cold but clear as we got started – about 15 degrees F., but sunny. The first […]

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