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Counterpoint: Why EV drivers should gladly pay for public charging

June 21, 2016

This is a guest post brought to you by EV enthusiast and fellow electric motorcycle builder Ned Funnell. He’s an engineer-turned-missionary who appreciates the simplicity and efficiency of electric drive, and doesn’t mind cleaner air for his 9-month-old.  Demystifying the Slow Growth of the Fast Charging Network- or, Why EV drivers should gladly pay for public […]

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Charging, Adapters, and RV parks

August 2, 2015

This weekend, I had a chance to keep working on battery charging for the Vectrix and start working on adapters as well. To start with, I assembled the second set of three Mean Well power supplies in series to create another charger. I set all three to a matching maximum current and even 50V output. […]

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Tesla Chargers popping up all over

May 7, 2014

Resort upgrading EV charging to two 100 amp Tesla chargers. And I was amazed to see what was in the parking lot.

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Gas Station EV Charging Stations!

March 22, 2011

This just in… Flying COMPLETELY under the radar, the Kwik-Trip gas station and convenience store chain now has between 40 and 70 EV Charging Stations in place! How did they do this? Well, it’s not part of any fancy “Brand-Name” charging station, such as ChargePoint, which has a mapping system, iPhone Apps, or other sophisticated […]

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Bob Rice on TV again

April 8, 2010

Last spring, I got to meet Bob Rice at the International Gathering of Citicars in Columbia, Maryland. He is quite a charmer and even had his converted EV Jetta bat cleanup on the drive to Bob Beaumont’s house. Ever since, I have been following his comments on the EVDL (Electric Vehicle Discussion List) where he […]

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