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Electric ATV Repair and Upgrade

August 11, 2019

Not long ago, a neighbor was cleaning out his garage. Among the things he was getting rid of was an old kids electric ATV. It was in poor condition, but looked like a fun “fixer-upper”! My daughter is also now eight-years old and has outgrown her Solar-Powered PowerWheels. So, a Razor brand ATV looked like […]

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New Scooter/DIY Battery

November 15, 2015 People are ALWAYS asking me about good deals on electric vehicles or ways to use DIY to get a great price on a build-your-own setup. That’s one reason why I was excited to get a call from Matt at Flux Mopeds. Flux has been doing some great work designing, manufacturing and selling electric scooters. […]

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Vectrix: Cycle Analyst now Working

May 27, 2015

I got the Cycle Analyst working! It seems that the problem is that I never bothered to program in the sensitivity of the shunt resistor. All of the ammeters that I have worked with in the past were simple analog ones. I would have a meter and a matching shunt. It just worked – nothing […]

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Redneck Battery Lifter

May 16, 2013

I found myself today to be terribly frustrated. That is, until I took the Redneck approach to battery upgrades! Spring is finally here and the grass is growing…. FAST! Last week, I mowed, and could tell that my old electric riding lawn mower battery pack was getting old. I couldn’t mow for more than 15 […]

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