Tesla Implant!

by Ben N on October 1, 2019

Watch the video here.

I recently met up with John Olson. He implanted himself with an RFID chip which would allow him to unlock and drive his Tesla Model 3 just by holding his hand up to his car!

I met him at the Milwaukee Makerspace for a video interview. One of the reasons we met there was that John has a second implant, which can unlock the doors and tools at the Makerspace.

Before we even started, he was already telling me the how and why about the implant. I said to “save it for the interview!”. We grabbed a quiet corner and set up the camera.

Tesla key-card RF chip sealed in sterile vial.

The Tesla implant is in John’s right hand, near the base of the thumb. He explained that the skin there is thin, which is important because of the limited transmitting range of the chip. It’s also unlikely to be damaged there and would flex less than somewhere near the knuckles, for example. Being in the hand (instead of the arm or other location) also allows for better flexibility in positioning the chip to a reader.

John showed me a video clip he shot on his phone of the actual implantation.

This WAS a Do-It-Yourself project! He did plenty of research getting started and reached out to his brother, who has worked in the body modification industry. Together, they set up a sterile environment, decided on the best approach for the implantation, and placed the two devices under John’s skin. The Tesla chip is in his right hand and the other chip is in his left. He ordered parts from Dangerous Things.

When I asked John about the WHY he did it, he told me how he’s always been interested in technology and how it can improve us. While I personally wouldn’t have a magnet implanted under MY skin, John used the example of LASIK eye surgery, which he had done as soon as it was available.

Unlocking a Tesla Model 3 WITHOUT keys, phone, or wallet.

The implants certainly provide a level of convenience. A person doesn’t have to carry any keys, a phone, a wallet, or anything else. John said that there’s often times where he just needs to run out and grab something from his car, but his phone is charging or downloading an update. The implant is always with him. Likewise, it’s about a 35 minute drive for him to the Milwaukee Makerspace. If he forgot his keys, he would be stuck pounding on the door, hoping for somebody to let him in. Even with keys, it can be challenging getting them out of a pocket when a person’s hands are full and trying to open a door! Even while holding something, John can unlock the door with his implant.

John Olson really explains all this better in his interview than I can in writing. If you haven’t already, please watch the video!

I also edited a LONG-FORMAT video of the entire extended interview. John said so many interesting things, but I was afraid that a half-hour video would turn off many viewers. So, I made one short version and another as the full-length video. For those who are really interested in implants, Teslas, and the future of this type of technology, check out that video. We talk about a range of topics, even thinking about how this technology could be applied to homes, firearms, and security in the future.

Implant unlocks tool crib at the Milwaukee Makerspace.

While I might not be ready to have a piece of technology stuck under my skin, how many of us wear glasses, have a hearing aid, or always ask Siri or Alexa for help? The way we use smart-phones, we may as well have them surgically attached!

Technology is interesting and new technologies have always received mixed feelings. What about you? Are you ready to become one with your car? A cyborg for the convenience? What about for security? Let us know!

Until next time, stay charged up!
-Ben Nelson

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