Gen 2 Flux Mopeds DIY Special

by Ben N on December 2, 2017

Recently, I’ve had a fair number of people asking me about electric scooters.

Not only are scooters fun to ride, but you don’t need a motorcycle license, and they are often cheaper to insure and title.

That’s why I was excited to recently hear from Matt at Flux Mopeds. A while back, they had a few of their scooters available for sale, but WITHOUT battery packs. For anyone who could build their own battery pack, it was a great, inexpensive way to get into an all-electric ride without a lot of money. I got one of the scooters and built a pack for it from some Nissan Leaf cell modules I had. Since the scooters were originally designed for a removable pack, they feature a pair of 50A Anderson quick disconnects and DC circuit breakers, making connecting your own pack very simple.

Here’s a playlist of videos from working on one of those scooters:

So now, Flux again has a few of their scooters available, sans battery, as a DIY special. These are now the Second Generation EM1 mopeds. The second gen features a Sabvoton brushless DC sine wave controller.If you can assemble your own pack, you can get a great deal on an electric ride. They are only charging $730 each. These are BRAND-NEW, with a real VIN, all ready for street-legal riding EXCEPT for the battery. Buy two or more and they are only $680 each!
Visit for more information. If you are interested contact Matt at

Get them while you can, and tell them Ben sent ya!

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