EV Withdrawal

by Ben N on December 27, 2015


I miss my car.
It’s now been over two weeks since I dropped off my electric Mitsubishi iMiEV at the dealer to get some work done. Last week, I was able to speak with the tech on the phone who ASSURED me that they now had the parts and were working on it, but may still not have it done before the holidays.

The car has been gone long enough that I’m pretty sure I’m going through “Electric Vehicle Withdrawal”
Here’s the symptoms that I’ve noticed so far:

Going to the gas station – to buy gas.
It feels weird. Why am I at the gas station so much? I already got coffee, washed the car, put air in the tires, but now I’m here to purchase gasoline? The confusion! I had to look at the fuel gauge display to know which side the gas filler port was on. I got lucky, and found that the release for the gas port is in the same place as on the Prius.

Even with gas as strangely cheap as it is right now. The amount of fuel that I will use in the loaner before I return it will cost more than my entire electric bill for the month.

General Hate for Automatic Transmissions
I’ve come to realize that it’s not just the gas engine’s lack of efficiency, but also just how BAD automatic transmissions are. I hadn’t driven an automatic in YEARS before getting this loaner. I’m shocked at how the gas car can NOT simply pull away smoothly from a dead stop. The car goes nowhere as I press the accelerator (or “Gas Pedal” as they are called,) until suddenly the RPM jumps up enough to overcome the torque converter to actually move the car. It’s the OPPOSITE of a nice smooth start. Our Prius has a planetary gearing transmission, and my old truck has a manual transmission and clutch. Nearly all electrics have single-speed gear reduction. It’s almost impossible NOT to have nice smooth acceleration!

Working on other EV projects
Winter is coming. It’s not here yet. Thank climate change and El Nino for that one. I have a General Electric ElecTrak E15 lawn tractor, which I love. I got it a few years ago and it came with a snowplow, but the plow never worked quite right. Lately, I’ve been working on fixing it up. Yes, I’d like it to work better before we get hit with the big snow, but I think I’m just jones’ing to be around EVs as much as possible.

I’ve also helped a friend pick out a Chevy Volt as her next car, and taught her how to jump start it over the phone when she managed to kill the battery!

Over-attention to Power Meters
I have an old-fashioned utility meter in my garage to track my EV power use. It sits there unmoving. I stare listlessly at my T.E.D. whole-house meter, realizing how the Christmas tree now is the number one electricity user.

No Pre-Heating
I get in a cold car, wondering why I can’t have it in a closed garage already warmed up.

Attraction to Auto Parts Stores
I’ve been spending an oddly large amount of time in auto parts stores and auto aisles at big box stores. I’m starting to think that certain accessories are a good idea, when they clearly are not. Like an adapter that converts your drink holder into a french fry holder. That’s a good idea, right?

If you, or someone you love is suffering from E.V. Withdrawal, please get them to a plug-in vehicle immediately. Recommended is a dose of J1772, just before bed, preferably on a time-of-day rate.

Until next time, stay gassed up! I mean charged up! See! It’s effecting my brain!


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