Towing with the Ice Scooter

by Ben N on February 15, 2014

This afternoon, I was able to get back out on the ice again. I had tested towing a sled last time, and was pretty confident that I wasn’t going to flip it over.

So, this time, I had the Little Girl and her Mother with me. I loaded the Little Girl up into the sled to take her for a ride. We got her dressed ahead of time in snow-pants, and I put her beanbag chair in the sled (styrofoam beans are great insulation!), along with a blanket. We wouldn’t be able to ruin the fun by her getting cold.

The sled pulled pretty good with her in it. One thing I wasn’t thinking about was how much “crack-the-whip” action I could get going on during turns. We had quite a bit of fun whipping her around corners on the ice.

I took it fairly slow overall, and the rear fender kept ice from getting kicked up behind the scooter. If you haven’t already, peep the video at the top of the post.

Wherever you are, and no matter how cold out it is (or not) do what you can to get outside and have some fun. I know I will!


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