Green Drive Expo – Madison, WI

by Ben N on July 22, 2012

Electric Motorcycle and PowerWheels at the booth

Thanks to everybody who came out and said hello this weekend at the Green Drive Expo in Madison Wisconsin!

We had lots of fun showing off my electric motorcycle, the Solar-Power Wheels, and Thomas’ Electric Leopard car. It felt like the power-wheels was the sleeper hit of the show. Lots of families were checking it out, and all the kids loved it!

There were plenty of familiar faces, and lots of new people to meet. Commercially available electric cars have gone mainstream, and there was a large presence of Nissan Leafs at the Show!

Some of my favorite cars on display were the unusual combination of vehicles brought by Foreign Car specialists – The EV-1, an X-Prize entry, a Isetta, and a chopped old-school Citron!

A Chevy Volt on display had a bike rack, with two bicycles hanging off the back end. Thank you to that owner for thinking ahead to show how electric cars ARE real cars, capable of handing all your needs, including heading out to the bike trail!

Saturday evening, my buddy Tim and I headed over to have dinner with the Community Supported energy group, a diverse group of folks working on everything from gasification to methane digesters and alcohol fuel! (Notable were David Blume and Jeff Lindow. )

Sunday had plenty of families coming through, and the Solar Powered Power Wheels really got put to work giving out test drives!

If you have stopped by this web page after seeing me at the booth, thanks for stopping by! Take a look at the links to the right, or scroll down for earlier blog entries. Once again, thanks for coming out to the Green Drive Expo! If you happen to be on the West Coast, consider coming out to the San Francisco Bay area Green Drive Expo in September!

Special thanks to Eric for sponsoring our booth to promote electric vehicles and DIY transportation!

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1 Mark in OKC August 11, 2012 at 3:58 pm

Ben!!!… Dude!!!… Did you have dinner with David Blume?…

That guy is amazing. We hosted a weekend ethanol seminar for him in Nashville in the Spring of 2010 and it was amazing.

David’s knowledge of ethanol and all the ways it can be used as a fuel source is amazing. Check out

Peace not Pollution,

Mark in OKC

2 Ben N August 11, 2012 at 5:00 pm

Yep, David Blume was there. His book is worth reading. (A bit thick, but very informative!)
Lots of other smart people there too. My friend Greg has a small methane digester going on his organic farm. I’l like to modify a motorcycle to run on methane from it. I’d call it the “Cow-asaki” (Kawasaki KZ-440 running on meth!)


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