Video interview with owner of first Nissan Leaf in state being used for small business

by Ben N on June 23, 2012

Right up the road from me, Lisa Geason-Bauer runs Evolution Marketing, a marketing, communications, and PR company that focuses on doing all that “the eco-friendly way”. For example, printed materials for client brocures and flyers are all on FSC certified paper with non-toxic and soy-based inks.

Evolution Marketing also believes in “walking the walk”, so when it came time to look at replacing an old car, they wanted to get something as clean and efficient as possible. They decided on the Nissan Leaf, and after being on a waiting list for two years, FINALLY got the car! (In Wisconsin, it seems like we are the LAST to get any of the new electric vehicles. We also don’t have any state incentives for EV conversions or purchases. One of the other reasons for delay was the “cold weather package” – Nissan made a few changes to the car for colder northern climates.)

I stopped over to talk with Lisa about the car, and brought my video camera with to share it with you.

For more reading, you can also check out the article that the Milwaukee newspaper wrote about Evolution Marketing.

What about you? Do you have a Leaf? What do you love about it? Perhaps you decided to go with a Volt or something else? Why? Let us know!

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