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by Ben N on May 22, 2012

Last week, a writer for some automotive blogs stopped out at my house.

I had spoken with him several years ago, back when some of us were meeting together in Tom G.’s garage to work on electric cars. He wanted to see what’s been going on with me more recently, and do a little bit of an update on the projects.

It was beautiful weather that day, and we got to sit on my back porch for about an hour and chat. I also wanted to sit, as I DO have a fractured left ankle right now, a fact that managed to make it into the article…  I haven’t been talking about it much as I am still embarrassed by being stupid enough to tip my motorcycle in such a self-destructive manner.

Anyways, here’s a link to the article –

Oh, PS – in the article, it almost sounds like I was the ring-leader of the Open Revolt project. Not true at all. Lots of people were and are collaborators on that (particularly our ring-leader buddy Paul Holmes!) I can only blow them up, speed with them, and design t-shirts!


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