How Loud IS an Electric Motorcycle?

by Ben N on March 25, 2012

A while back, a viewer left a comment on one of my YouTube videos, asking if I could shoot a motorcycle video WITHOUT any background music. He wanted to just hear how the motorcycle sounded.

Makes sense – it seems like half the questions I get about the motorcycle are about how it sounds.

So, since we have been having such an unusually nice warm early spring, I slapped a mini-cam on my motorcycle while I was heading in to town to run some errands. I mounted the camera in a couple different places, so you could hear the sound, and see the chain and sprockets from a couple different angles.

That video camera doesn’t have any audio controls or settings that can be changed. The sound is just as it was from the recording – no editing, other than just doing a dissolve from one shot to the next. Depending on the camera angle, the loudness of the cycle sound is exaggerated.

The other thing NOT covered in this video is how the cycle sounds to somebody on the side of the road, or traffic being passed. I never knew either, because I was always the guy riding it. A while back, my friend Tim stopped over, and he rode the cycle past me. I was amazed at how quiet it sounded when I wasn’t sitting on it!

The other cool thing about electric cycles is how customizable they are! Don’t like how quiet they are? That’s fine! Add a custom noise-maker like I did a while back!

Enjoy watching (and listening to) the video!

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