Motor Theory Lecture Video

by Ben N on June 24, 2011

Hey Folks,

One of the YouTube video channels I subscribe to is “EVTV”, by user  marionrichard .

In this weeks episode, he shows not only have a Netgain 11 High-Voltage motor works, but really gives a great lecture on electric motor theory, covering the basics of AC motors, and getting very detailed, but still completely understandable to anyone, about the issues of maximizing speed and power from a brushed DC motor.

Instead of signing up for a college-level course on electric motor theory, just watch the following episode. Now, be warned, these episodes usually run fairly long. I would suggest skipping straight to about 49 minutes and 30 seconds into the video, which is really where the information on electric motor design begins.

This really is a great piece of motor education in about an hour and 20 minutes of video.

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