Chevy Volt runs over my camera!

by Ben N on May 13, 2011

That’s right! A Chevy Volt ran over my video camera!

OK – more specific – I did it on purpose….

Yesterday, I finally got the chance to test drive a Chevy Volt. Even though Volts are not yet available for purchase in Wisconsin, I did find a dealership that has one for people to be able to look at and test drive. I made an appointment to go look at the car, and I brought my video camera with me.

The test drive was lots of fun – it was a hot day and the electric air conditioning WORKs great! I filmed my test drive and an interview with one of their salespeople.

Since I had a small camera with anyways, I thought it might be fun to put on the ground and drive the car OVER the camera to see what it looks like under the car. Here’s the video of that:

I’ll have some more videos coming out soon on my test drive with the Volt, but this one was quick and simple, so I wanted to get it up on the web right away.

The folks at  Newman Chevrolet really were very friendly – thanks again to them for letting me check out the Volt! If you happen to be anywhere near Cedarberg, Wisconsin, give them a call to see about going to check out the car.

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