Test Driving the Leaf!

by Ben N on April 20, 2011

Sorry, but it was not I who got to go for a ride in the Leaf lately. Unfortunately, the Middle-West of the United States seems to get electric vehicles long after the coasts do.

However, I noticed that Robert Llewellyn just posted a YouTube video of himself driving the Leaf out to meet some new friends with a Hydro plant.

One thing that I like to point out about electric vehicles is that they really don’t run on electricity – they run on ENERGY. This is important because we have a say in where our electrical ENERGY comes from. In this case Llewellyn drove the car back home completely on energy created from the weight of falling water. How many other types of cars can do that!

Here’s his video. Fast forward to a good three-quarters of the way through to get to information about the water mill and recharging on renewable energy.

You can also check out the video, along with some more information about the mill at his blog: TheLlewBlog.

PS: Yes that is a right-hand-drive electric car. You may be familiar with Robert from the British Sci-Fi comedy RED DWARF.

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