2nd Look at Chevy Volt

by Ben N on April 2, 2011

Chevy Volt showing off under its hood

Recently, I got to see a Chevy Volt at the Milwaukee Hybrid Group Meeting.

Last summer, I got to take a secret peak. (In fact I was actually required to blur the plates and one persons face in my video….)

This time, the car was on display by the owner, one of the first in the State of Wisconsin. Wisconsin was NOT one of the first states to receive the car. The owner purchased the car from elsewhere.

It was great to get to speak to the owner/driver and get “real-world” info on the car’s use and how it drives.

The short answer? It’s a really nice car. The driver has been tracking his gas vs electric use, and knows that he drives it on electricity 85% of the time. The distance between his house and where the Hybrid meeting was held was farther than the car could drive on electric only. However, he could drive MOST of the way there on electric, and was able to recharge while there, thus driving much of the way back on just electric as well.

Really, the worst I can say about the car is the back seat is pretty small, comparable to the four-door Honda Insight II.

Here’s a few photos I took as well as a little bit of video.


The Chevrolet Volt

An "EV Grin" is clearly visible in the reflection of a Chevy Volt

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